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Stop NSA Spying!

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email received:

Today, Miro is joining thousands of organizations and millions of people to end out of control NSA spying as part of "The Day We Fight Back". Can we really take back our privacy? You're damn right we can.

Today we are demanding that lawmakers in the US pass a bill called the US Freedom Act that woud take a first step towards protecting our privacy and ending abuses. It's not perfect, but it's a HUGE improvement.

We need your help today, whether you live in the US or not:

1. Take 15 seconds to sign these three AskThem questions, targeted at key US Politicians.  We need to reach at least 100 signatures on each!

Ask Them:

     President Obama: Will you sign the USA Freedom Act?

     Senator Elizabeth Warren: Will you co-sponsor the USA Freedom Act?

     Senator Mitch McConnell: Will you co-sponsor the USA Freedom Act?

2. Write your own question for your US Representative or Senator or to any verified Twitter account:

     Ask a Question About the NSA:

Thank you for defending the rights of everyone online!

And we encourage you to try out the incredible new open-source question and answer platform, which is powering our petitions today.


nicholas and the Miro team
-Help Miro Stop NSA Spying
--- End quote ---

This is happening the very same day that we in Europe are informed that EU is preparing to demand that ICANN (in USA) must give up the leadership of the Internet and give it over to United Nations. This is not good. This is not safe. Do you hear me? It may be less dangerous to have NSA, CIA and ICANN rule the Internet, than to have UN do it! It happens much too often that sanity is a minority in UN.

I don't know if it is wise in the long run to support any of these initiatives,
but here and now I want to stop NSA spying!

That act (viewed at looks like a hack job.  The verbiage is too convoluted and twisted for me to follow without a lot of work, and then you have to re-interpret the changed verbiage after the fact.

An example:

15 Section 702(b)(1)(B) of the Foreign Intelligence Sur-
16 veillance Act of 1978 (50 U.S.C. 1881a), as redesignated
17 by section 301(1) of this Act, is amended by striking ‘‘the
18 purpose’’ and inserting ‘‘a significant purpose’’.

--- End quote ---

And, the only way to stop NSA spying (and spying in general) is to get rid of the organizations.  Even then, they will crop up again in a different form.  Not to say that fighting it is an unworthy cause.  But just not to do it with the unrealistic expectations that you will 'stop NSA spying'.

Stoic Joker:
Creating more laws won't stop anything. It just makes the rat maze all that more convoluted. (Hint: rat is a 3 letter word...) The problem lies in the existing laws that these rats are wiggling through. Repeal these laws and the rats no longer have places to hide. Patriot Act, bad law, get rid of it...and all of its little Constitution pissing friends should go with it.

The 3 letter alphabet soup rats need to be constrained by extremely bright sunshine to keep them from deviating from there actually appropriate tasks. Strip them of their volumes of legal mumbo-jumbo wiggle room, so they spend plenty of good quality time fearing being thrown in one of their own prisons if they get caught going peeping-Tom on one the fine citizens what's covered by the constitution.

They should all should be given, and be required to carry at all times a book with only one page. On that page should be written:
What Part of NO Did You Miss?

^ Exactly. +1000!

They should all should be given, and be required to carry at all times a book with only one page. On that page should be written:
What Part of NO Did You Miss?

-Stoic Joker (February 12, 2014, 11:58 AM)
--- End quote ---

Amen! :Thmbsup:

I'd add a second page: Unless you've specifically been told "you may" - you shall not. (See page 1)


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