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For Serious Research: Cadillac of "ClipBoard Managers" vs. "Info/Data Manager"

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In my humble opinion, every paper -- scientific, academic, etc. -- and book I download and add to my Library really deserves to be in my grand personal database as well.
-nkormanik (February 21, 2014, 03:08 AM)
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As Tomos had suggested above (after Manfred Kuehn,) there are some benefits to distinguishing between "collected data" and one's own notes. The former are analogous to books that have been purchased and put on the shelf without having been read, and there is also a chance that they may never get read. They are more like bookmarks than notes. The chances are that these unprocessed bookmarks would overwhelm your own notes in terms of sheer volume, making it difficult to make use of your own notes.

I'd recommend a two-tier system. In tier one (a big box), include all the collected data that may become interesting in the future (e.g. PDFs of articles, collected web pages etc.). In tier two (a much smaller box), include only your own notes (such as selected quotes, comments, your own ideas and opinions). The first tier can be any kind of software that can hold that sort of data together (such as UltraRecall, Surfulater, RightNote, MyInfo etc.), and the second tier some kind of a dedicated database that can deploy the Zettelkasten method (index cards in a slip box with one note/quote per index card) and offer sophisticated tools for analysis and synthesis (writing up), such as ConnectedText, Luedecke's Zettelkasten, Piggydb or other desktop wikis and equivalents.

...and THEN pasted into MyInfo! But if you MUST have a whole webpage, and can live with a little format-squabbling between javascripts, I get this below by going all
Control-A Select All - Control C Copy - Click over to Node - Control V Paste.
-TaoPhoenix (February 10, 2014, 07:51 PM)
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That seems to work as you described. I took a copy of the MyInfo download page ( into MyInfo, and it saved it intact (as far as I could see).
Curiously however, having saved that page into MyInfo, when I searched (this is using MyInfo PRO) across all topics for "download" or "downloading", it apparently cannot find either string in that copied web page, though it does find the strings where they exist in other documents.
Similarly, directly searching for those strings in the copied web page draws a nil response.
The strings are definitely there, so it seems that the search function is "blind" to web pages.
Strange, not to be able to search for strings in the saved web pages. There don't seem to be any settings that can affect this search behaviour either.


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