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pasted favorites clips crowd in top of the Quick Paste Pop-up Menu [bug?]

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It seems, that there is a bug in CHS. If you have some ordered favorite clips and paste any of them several times (two or more) in a short time interval, this clip automatically goes the most top place in the Quick Paste Pop-up Menu and gets sticked there firmly, so new items just copied to clipboard get lower places (thus higher order numbers) than this sticked favorite clip. If you do than the same with another favorite clip, it goes up as well and take the place nr 1 before the previous - and so on, so you'll get at last the whole crowd of favorites in the beginning of the Quick Paste Pop-up Menu. It repeats every time with every favorite clips.

After tens of attempts and tests the only way I could invent to remove this favorite (or these favorites) from the Quick Paste Pop-up Menu is to delete them and their duplicates totally from any folder from CHS database.

At first I thought this to b a feature, but now I suspect, that it is a bug, because I could not any reasonable way neither to control this behavior nor to remove these clips from to top positions of the list. Have I missed anything?


What font (fontface and size) is used hear at this forum? It looks very pretty for, so I'd consider to use it in some my documents.

Now as a result of some my experiments with CHS database I have got again a similar (not the same) issue, as I've described in my old post a half of year ago.

I had to remove temporarily all my favorites clips and than put them back. Now they all are sticked at the beginning (at the top) of the Quick Paste Menu. I've spent a lot of time in order to get rid of them, but every of my different tests has failed.

Well, I can easily delete one on several clips from favorites list and than they naturally disappear from the Quick Paste Menu list too. But when I put the clip back to favorites list, the second copy of it immediately goes to to the top of the list Quick Paste Menu list too.

Now I have no any other idea, what to try. :(  And as one can see, I virtually can not use CHS, as last copied clips are buried somewhere in the depths under sticked favorites clips list at the top of the Quick Paste Menu.

Am I the only person, who suffers from this bug?  :tellme:

So you are saying that newer clips still appear UNDER older Favorite clips in the quick paste menu?
Try this: Go to your "Quick Paste" group in the main window tree panel, right click it and choose Edit, to edit the Quick Paste group.
Now paste a screenshot of that Group Edit dialog.
Maybe the sorting is wrong.

Now paste a screenshot of that Group Edit dialog.
Maybe the sorting is wrong.-mouser (October 06, 2014, 08:12 AM)
--- End quote ---
Here is the screenshot of this dialog:

pasted favorites clips crowd in top of the Quick Paste Pop-up Menu [bug?] 

My QuickPaste has an SQL of:

NOT (IsInRecyleBin) AND CreationDateTime > DateTimeMinusOneDay AND (IsFavorite=false)

I'm quite sure that's your problem , though to be honest I'm going to have to look back into the code to figure out why that would result in the favorites showing at the top..  Might be something I have to fix.

Regardless, try chaging your sql for that group to what is shown above, that should fix it.  HMMM.. could be wrong here, i see that YOUR version is the one that comes with CHS, so that shouldn't have any effect on the POSITION of the favorites in the quick paste menu.


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