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ScreenShot Captor is a Mess

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I suspect the problem might be in IrfanView with transparencies.

I just want to capture a screen shot of a normal window and this app is by far a complete mess, never in my life did I see so much text and setting for one simple thing really it's a fucking mess clean the damn app up to much text all over the place period.

He's the problem I just want to click and capture the windows but then I do it's just white I want normal color blue that's it, no Aero shit neither do I want to spend other minute fucking around with this app no not until it's clean can someone just tell me want I need to do to capture windows and not have black on the corners of the image Jesus help please.

P.s this is coming from a guy that mods/hacks hardware, repairs PC and don't stop razing bar for noting but this app is a fucking mess. Not to shit all over your app but come on man just look at it. Plus the forms what a mess clean it up make it simple because it's not by no means simple.

Normal windows select it click active window that's it and not to have black on the corners, clean blue non Aero without black on the corners simple but it turns out it ant help me please. :tellme:       
-PhoneyVirus (February 13, 2014, 02:06 PM)
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Do you think so ?
I am not a very clever user, but i am using this wonderful utility. And the last version is even better.


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