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Continuing with XP

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What shades says is true -- trying to run a virtual machne on a computer with 2gb of ram is going to be a nightmare.  It won't just be a slow virtual machine, but when the vm is running your entire computer will likely be painful to use because of the vm trying to use all the memory.

What Shades and mouser said.

Excellent pieces of advice, will heed them!
Thank you all!!!!
On to reading up on the woes+tricks to migrate to W7.

@chrisk - Could you provide fuller hardware specs for that netbook?

I know we've got 2Gb of RAM.

What about Make, CPU type and speed, HD size, native screen resolution, info about the graphics and sound subsystems, etc.?

Knowing that would make alternative OS recommendations easier.  :)

my advice is to set up a new machine with windows 7 and get her set up on it-mouser (February 06, 2014, 06:04 AM)
--- End quote ---

-my advice as well. Win 7 can quite easily be made to look & perform like an updated XP.


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