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Continuing with XP

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I dont remember the change from XP to Win7 as being anything big - sure, any kind of change is challenging, on a computer especially for some reason. Even little changes can be frustrating, but in retrospect I'd say it was relatively easy.
-tomos (February 06, 2014, 06:19 PM)
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I'd report it as "Modestly Challenging". My home comp was designed years ago to ride out XP as far as it could go, which is basically now + maybe squeaking by knowing there's no patches.

One job I had used Win7 comps, and there *was* stuff to do to get the details right. I'm a "Medium power user".

All I have to add is my support for some advice that's already been given:

* Linux + XP in a VM is not going to be fun on a netbook with 2 GB RAM.
* Windows 7 is not that much of a jump from XP... she may even find it nicer.
* Windows XP won't simply "die" on April 8.  Just keep some backup copies of the service packs should you ever need to re-install and you ought to be OK for several years more.Eventually, she'll have to upgrade or switch as the software world moves on, but really there are so many ways to make the transition easy enough that biting the bullet won't hurt as much as it might seem.  And if Linux is a viable alternative, you've got plenty of folks here ready and willing to help.  I know I'm in...  :Thmbsup:

You know, even if she stays on XP, on the hardware she is currently using or a VM, there is going to be a learning curve involved.

She will not be able to continue "life as usual" on an unsupported operating system. She will have to learn new software, she will have to learn safer browsing habits, safer email habits, etc. And accept that some things she will not be able to do any more, or software she will not be able to use any more.

* If she is used to using IE, she will have to change to another browser that's still supported with security patches, when needed.
* She will have to learn how to properly use things like NoScript, Flashblock, Adblock. She will have to learn to discern when she can allow something and when she shouldn't.
* She will have to have a much tougher firewall and deal with alerts from it
* a new email client (that's still supported)
* She is going to have to develop the habit of manually scanning everything she downloads for malware with a secondary anti-virus.
* She will have to get used to file extensions showing (if they aren't already)
* and a lot more.
Essentially, she will have to learn to become a security savvy power user.

I know what is required to safely use an outdated version of Windows. I have done it before. It's really not fun, in the long run, and not something I would recommend to anyone that can afford the cost of a new OS and the hardware needed to run it. And I am already a security savvy power user and saying this.

Don't run an outdated, unsupported version of Windows unless you are dirt poor and are willing and able to pay for your choice to do so with your time and frustration, rather than paying money to upgrade your hardware and OS.

If you fear having to learn new things, this goes double, since you will have to learn a lot more just to stay safe, than you will have to learn to use a new version of Windows. And someone else can NOT do the learning for you.

Nicely put!

@chrisk - Could you provide fuller hardware specs for that netbook?

I know we've got 2Gb of RAM.

What about Make, CPU type and speed, HD size, native screen resolution, info about the graphics and sound subsystems, etc.?

Knowing that would make alternative OS recommendations easier.  :)
-40hz (February 06, 2014, 09:36 AM)
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Got any recommendations for me?

I have a netbook (MSI Wind U120-024US) that is painful to use even though the OS is XP. RAM maxes out at 1 GB. It's awful.

Maybe I'll install Mint on it and then use SplashTop to remotely control my more powerful desktop Windows 7 rig.


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