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Satya Nadella becomes Microsoft's new CEO - will things change?

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Having worked for GE, I'm also glad somebody finally called bullshit on the "Forced Ranking" process mentioned in that first article. Rob Enderle got it spot on the sugar. It was yet another blunt-instrument "Neutron Jack" solution to a unique problem at GE. Unfortunately, it was adopted - and then became institutionalized - in far too many other places. With predictable results.
-40hz (February 05, 2014, 03:32 PM)
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The place I'm currently working has it.  I was the victim of it in two review cycles.  Then I let my manager know that if I was ranked not according to my work, and I knew it one more time, I'd be gone.  It hasn't happened since.

For the last 6 months I have been working with Windows Server 2012 and until now my feelings are very positive. Some time ago there was repeatedly a Windows 8 laptop on my desk. The owner kept asking if I could configure access and install new items, because he couldn't work with it. My experiences with Windows 8 were definitely not all.

In another (Dutch) forum I was burned down because I stated that the people behind Windows Server understand the direction in which the Windows OS as a whole should be be going, while the consumer guys should not be allowed out of the asylum. Likely it was the last part that did the burning.  :P

Finally, my point is coming...apparently Satya Nadella was at the head of the Server division, so for me his ascension to the throne feels like good news and fills me with hope that Windows will change faster for the better. Not a fanboy here, my network is a mix of Windows and Linux. And it will take a pig, flying through hell with a snowball frozen to its snout, before I will be without my Linux servers. 

My network is a mixed environment of Windows and Linux.

@Wraith - thx for that link! Also an excellent article. :Thmbsup:
-40hz (February 05, 2014, 02:00 PM)
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Just to generate discussion, that's a terrible article.

I bet the *man* is great - just the article is terrible.

2. "Be Loyal". Great for him, useless for the 350,000 other loyal people laid off who didn't manage to nail CEO.

3. Master the Tech Details
Last I looked at it, Bill Gates was a crossover - early tech background, kinda got a bit out of his scope, and went into the Biz side. Then Steve Ballmer was apparently all marketing and made a lot of anti-tech decisions. And he kept the job "forever".

4. "Master the Business Details".
Except that as a marketer, Steve Ballmer didn't master the Business Details either. Way too many Runaway-Chicken directions occurred under his tenure.

5. Be a Golden Goose that Makes Money
_____ % of departments under Ballmer lost horrible amounts of money.

6. Be Nice.
Balmer is not nice.

Instead, Ballmer had some kind of quiet immunity that protected him for years, rather than being rated on his merits.

Meanwhile the rest of us who are nice get no such luck.

Well, everyone can disagree.  As far as succeeding in business, many of those things are what I've already followed, and have been the reason for much success.


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