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Anyone using CherryTree for Windows, or Linux for that matter?

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I'll give Scapple a try.  I can't download on this particular WiFi.  But I should be able to get the trial later this afternoon.

I am just a bit puzzled at any program that can't let me create a 3 level deep node in twelve seconds because that's how I think every day.
-TaoPhoenix (May 30, 2014, 02:14 PM)
--- End quote ---

My problem with hierarchical trees (and outliners in general) is my tendency to not stop at just three levels. If I'm not careful I can all too easily and fall into a fractal mode of thinking. I think it was one of Herman Hesse's characters (Steppenwolf?) that said something to the effect that in order to accurately explain what he was thinking, a hundred things need to be said simultaneously.

Yeah...that sure sounds like me sometimes. ;D


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