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Rose & Time by Sophie Houlden - Pay What You Want Promo


This games developer, known for her Swift☆Stitch game, is doing a PWYW promo for another of her game, Rose & Time. The game is available in several platforms such as Windows, OSX, Linux and Ouya.

Rose is desperate to unravel the mysteries of time travel, so she can rescue her parents who are trapped in the past. One day she feels close to an answer, but must be careful to not cause any paradoxes.

This is a puzzle game for Windows, Mac and Linux that combines time-travel and stealth gameplay.
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It's a fun and interesting puzzle game. I bought it back when it was originally made for an Indie Buskers 48-hour game jam. But it has had more work put into it since the game jam and looks much nicer now. :Thmbsup: I'd recommend it.

And it should be noted that Swift☆Stitch is also PWYW indefinitely:

It's another one I'd recommend. :Thmbsup:


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