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LillyPad Arduino Projects

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Hi everyone! I'm waiting on my LillyPad Arduino Design Kit to arrive in the mail and I thought I'd start a thread here to see if anyone else is working with Arduino with or without LillyPad. When I get going I'll post pictures and tips I learn from my sewing/electronics/programming voyage! :)

Here's the kit I ordered:

Awesome, can't wait to see some photos!

I've got a MEGA 2650 here that I was tinkering with.

Was going to turn it into a closed-loop servo control, but I couldn't come up with a circuit to go from the arduino's PWM outputs to the bipolar +/- 15v DC that the machine amplifiers needed.

It's still a fun little gadget.

Cool! I'm going to be using my kit for sewing/quilt stuff so this should be fun. I'm going to make a Cody doll with lights as my first project!

LillyPad Arduino Projects

Here's my kit!!


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