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Assistance needed with the MiniCap command line


I'm trying to integrate MiniCap into an Auto Hotkey script with the -regioncapture command. Can someone give me an example of using this command, please? Here is what I have:
Run, C:\Program Files (x86)\MiniCap\MiniCap.exe -captureregion 200,200,500,500
I'm guessing the first two numbers should be the top left x and y screen coordinates of the region, and the last two numbers should be the bottom left x and y?
The red MiniCap box pops up, and then I have to manually do the screenshot, instead of it automatically capturing the given region like I want. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

try using spaces instead of comas:

Run, C:\Program Files (x86)\MiniCap\MiniCap.exe -captureregion 200 200 500 500


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