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To help get a few people started, I'm giving away some Huntercoins.

Huntercoin is a crypto currency game. It's both a currency, and a game. You can mine Huntercoins, or you can play the game to collect them.

The Bitcoin Talk Forum thread is here:

1) Download the wallet
2) Run it
3) Wait for the blockchain to sync
4) Create an address and post it here.

I'm giving away 3.015 Huntercoins to the first 3 people to post an address. That's enough to get you 3 players. (1.005 coins per player)

Select a character in the list, then click on a location. Do this for each character that you want to move. Click "GO" to move.

Cashing in Coins
Go back to the spawning area and into the coloured section against the wall. Then get OUT.

Spawning Area Death
If you are in the spawning area for more than 30 blocks (a measure of time), you die.

Collecting Coins
Move over a coin to collect it. Coin values are labeled on them. Stay in the same location to collect coins as they spawn in your location.

You can kill players with this. I've not used it yet.

EDIT: I have some more coins now, so I can give out more.

Here's a screenshot:


No takers?


Oh well... I tried...

And at market rates, I made almost $300 today for playing a silly game! :P

Still syncing... :(


Thanks a lot if you do.


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