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farr v2 planning - use cases and action idea

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Perry Mowbray:
Personally, I'd go for an intellisense type approach to completing keywords, keeping it all out from the result list... so an auto-complete keypress combo that either displays matching choices or selects the only result if it's one.

I think the idea of adding the highlighted file(s) to the edit box is a great idea too.  :)

One more thing that I hope does not get "forgotten" in the midst of all these cool functionnality suggestions is the look and style of FARR v2, as well as the "first impression" that it gives when you first use it.

I've recently given a try to Launchy, which by the way is and excellent launcher although it is way less powerful and even less configurable than FARR v1. However it has 2 things that make it give a much better _first_ impression than FARR v1:

1. Cool skins (specially the default one): FARR v1 has skins but these are nowhere as good looking as the ones that are available for Launchy. This is even truer for QuickSilver, whose interface is very stylish and makes you almost want to use it all the time :-)

2. Speed: As Launchy only indexes the startup menu (and only the shortcuts) by default (although you can also tell it to index other folders) it can use an indexin mechanism which yields instantaneous results. Although FARR's search is pretty fast, you can see the results being refined which gives an impression of it being slower.

The index vs search thing has been discussed here a lot so I will not say much about it other than perhaps a hybrid approach, where an index is used for the initial results and a search is performed after than to look for additional results.

But for the "look and style" part I hope that FARR v2 improves its skinning engine and in particular comes with a kick ass default skin! :-)

And please, please, make it so that the config menus are usable when using big fonts in windows instead of the default ones (and hopefully fix this for all your programs which suffer from this same problem, lake the fabulous ProcessTamer v2)! :-)



P.S..- I'm looking forward to an intermediate release of FARR!

3.-other things i would love to see include the ability to select and execute multiple results. ie i have an alias similar to the default search alias where it would be great to type in alias query and then open the website/files for the first three results-s.newave (July 29, 2006, 12:58 AM)
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I think this is solved very well in the current FARR release: in Options -> Interface you can define a modifier for "Launch and stay open". I'm using CTRL for that, so to open the first three results I would hit CTRL+1, CTRL+2, 3. :Thmbsup:

In FARR2 this could work the same way. If you already entered an action and are looking for files, Modifier+Number could execute this action on each file seperately. If you selected a file first and entered the action modifier to browse for actions, Modifier+Number could execute different actions on the selected file (can't think of a use case scenario, though).


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