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idea - open certian files in folder

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I would like to see a program that will open up and ask me which files to open(from a certain folder location), and how long to keep them open(seconds)

until it makes it through all of the files(20 at most).

I would like the program to use the default program for opening that file type.

Once the files are selected, and times are set, i would like it to loop until told to stop(ESC KEY)

would be nice if it was an .exe, but a certain keystroke would be fine also.

so...what do you think ?

I know, i'm not asking much right, lol

I can not find anything like this anywhere


Why do you want to only have the files open for x amount of seconds?

To close the default program would mean either:
a) sending it a WM_CLOSE message and hoping it respected it without putting up "Are you sure?" requesters, or,
b) killing the task, which is a rather dirty way of doing it and considering you want it to do it ad infinitum would probably lead to an unstable system.

What is the ultimate purpose, maybe we can suggest something else.


Thanks for the reply.

Actually, once the program has these different files ( word, excel & a monitoring software open then a minimize statement would work.

I am looking for something like the program autotab, but I need it to be teachable because the amount of files could easily change, and if that's the case I would want the program to have to be ran again, to relearn the new files and time.

You may be able to cobble something together from existing software.  For running a folder full of shortcuts you could use my DelayedCuts from this page:

It pops up a gui to drop shortcuts on.  It insists on shortcuts.  But to get a shortcut for an ordinary file such as .txt .doc .zip etc.  just right click Copy on the file and Paste Shortcut in the folder(or right mouse drag drop copy shortcut.)

Start DelayedCuts and drop all the shortcuts from the folder onto it.  It will offer delays 10 seconds apart.  You can just hit Enter to accept the default.  Once the ListView is full you can move the entries around and manually set the delay time(from launch of DelayedLoad program) or use the Buttons to space them 5 or 10 seconds apart.

When you hit Save Button it creates a shortcut for DelayedLoad in the user's StartUp Folder.  The idea was to space out the loading of programs at logon.  But you can just drag the shortcut from StartUp Folder to the Desktop and run it manually.

After everything is running then you may want to use AutoTab itself to cycle through them.

It's just an idea.  But it may give you something close enough to what you want to try out different delay times and/or refine your concept.

that seems like it would work, but not seamlessly enough.

I almost need a "i can't screw this up button" that once you hit it, it would then take care of the work, asking the questions and compiling the output.


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