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I wasn't saying that towards anyone that uses Pascal.  I was just giving my personal experience.  People code in all sorts of things,a nd if they can get what they need done, what else matters?

Don't worry, no offense taken.  ;)
I totally understand your decision, I was just stating reasons for mine, and I totally agree that if it gets the job done, use it.  Still, it seems like Pascal has really lost the limelight in the last 10 years, when it used to be just as respected as any.  I'll keep using it for now, and leave it when it doesn't work any more, or something just as easy to understand and use comes along (and trust me, I've tried LOTS...).

Well, a lot of that is Borland's fault.  When I first got into C#, it was on a Delphi contract.  Basically it was for a retirement system for a large consulting company.  And they were supposed to do another one also.  Multi-million dollar contract.  And Borland wasn't involved at all.

Microsoft stole the shop out from underneath them.  Gave free software.  Gave free training.  Gave hours of consultation.  It was an investment from the business side.  That resulted in a lot of business, and a lot of converts to C#.

Completely Borland's fault.


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