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Codebyte had posted about before- it's been a great idea, and it just keeps getting better.

Now they've rebranded themselves, and they're giving away 100TB over the remainder of the week. 

Hello there!

We're very excited to announce a completely redesigned Koding! It's now much faster, less distracting and easier to use. A lot has changed in the past couple of months and we'd love for you to take a look.

To celebrate this new era of programming in the cloud, we're giving away 100 Terabytes of storage*. This is our way of saying thanks to wonderful users like yourself who have been with us on this journey so far.

Here is how it works:

- Click here, login and receive an automatic upgrade to 4GB.
- Invite your friends this week and you'll both receive an extra 1GB when they sign up.


Devrim co-founder and CEO
on behalf of Koding team

PS. Although we're about to reach 200,000 users, you can always reply, I love hearing from you.

--- End quote ---

You normally get 4GB when you sign up, but if you use a referral, you get an additional 1GB and the referrer does too. 

Possible referrals posted:

deozaan -
wraith808 -

Its really nicely done, and with a ton of features.  I'll post more about it if I get the time. :)

Feel free to remove my referral link from this thread. I doubt I'll make use of the extra space. If you'll use it, feel free to get the referral bonus. (c:

Still, both parts of the referral deal get 1gb of free space, so no probs. I did, enjoy the extra gb Deo!

If anyone is running a FF derivative with no statusbar, use a browser that has one if you need labels for the toolbar icons.  No mouse-over... at least not with Pale Moon.

Well, the server is more stable now- and the 100TB is gone already... which might explain the restored stability.


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