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Feature Requests For Region Captures - Use Arrow Keys and Solid Region Lines

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I don't see it as the same as a normal region capture.
Did you try it this way?
You can adjust the box width and height by pulling the sides of the red box.

Yes, did try it.
Still more difficult to make fine adjustments with mouse compared to using the cursor keys.

Easier sizing then the normal region capture imo.
With all sides and corners moveable.

A screenshot tool I used before did it this way: the first mouse click was where the rectangle started. Afterwards you could use either the mouse or the arrow keys to pick the exact regions. Another mouse click or enter finished the capture. So you still had to "hit" the right starting point per mouse, but the remaining capture process was pretty efficient.

Alternatively it could be three clicks (1. Start, 2. fine tune starting position per cursors or mouse, 3. set end position per cursor or mouse). I think I'd prefer the two click variant.


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