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LBC appearance tweaks


As requested by Mouser, here's what I'd like to be able to do to adjust the appearance of certain things in LBC. If anyone else has any suggestions they would like considered for the next version, now is the time to explain - preferably with some sort of visual aid.

1. I'd like to be able to adjust the position of nodes. In the example below I'd like to align the tops of all the icons but since the first one has no text and the others do this doesn't work.

2. Adjustable padding for the top of a launchbar.

3. Manually set the width of nodes. I'd like to set all 3 of these menu nodes to the same width and I'd like it to be arbitrary. By that I mean I want to select the width rather than relying on the size of the icon or text.

Additionally I'd like to be able to set the size of a separator without losing the line. Currently if you set a manual width, the separator image is no longer shown. Also I'd like to be able to make that size less than 10 pixels (or whatever the current minimum is when you specify width) and specify whether the separator image should be on the left, center, or right.

Very concisely explained -- I'm going to see how much of this i can get done this weekend for the next beta release.  Hopefully you can do some testing for me.  :up:

Ok i've managed to add some of the requests, try the new beta.

You can now set explicit minimum width of all buttons (or overide any button), and you can set spacings for separators, and toolbar margins.


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