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Looking for iTunes alternative (WMP? or other?)

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what's WMP like as an iTunes replacement, for someone who isnt overly fussy -- but likes ease of use?

Looking for a friend of mine - who is a long time computer user but, eh, doesnt tweak things (why I'm asking, and not her).
Disillusioned with iPod hardware and iTunes DRM, she's looking for an alternative. (Only allowed one more hardware transfer of music bought through iTunes - she's burned this music to cd.)

I used use JRiver Media Jukebox on windows xp - liked that a lot - nice user friendly interface. But it doesnt seem to have been updated since then. It's fueled by advertising which might not be so bad, the lack of updates would bother me more. The paid version is overkill.

Wondering what people think of WMP?
I've used it about twice in my life and both times it started chewing my hd and hogging cpu afterwards, which I found offensive. But I guess that if I actually used it and allowed it to import my music (or whatever it does), it might not be so bad after. Any experiences there?

If the WMP verdict is unfavourable, I'll probably go with Music Bee as recommended as techsupportalert
Have installed it, requires a bit of initial tweaking (lame codec; manually setting My Music folder for ripped music). Seems good :up:

I came in here prepared to recommend Music Bee. Looks like you've got it all under control.

Does she use a portable (laptop) or a stationary (desktop)? My advice would not suite the portable solution.

I have moved the extensive (100k+ tracks) music collection out of the system folder, and over to an external 2TB USB "F" drive. In the "C" drive's Music system folder I only have the approx 650 tracks that are on my favourite play lists, and this is then all WMP will scan. That is impossible to detect; no freezing what so ever.

I have amplified WMP with (freeware) Windows Media Player Plus! (last updated May 19, 2013) because of the useful features it will add: But if she never modifies her setup, this might not be for her, as we know Windows' default reaction always is to blame the extras, eh... extensions, if a problem has occurred.

When the job not is big, I think WMP is the better solution.

+1 for Music Bee in case a full-featured audio center is what's needed. (Personally, I use AIMP3 which has a simpler but different user interface.)

What with having a largeish music collection, I think I'll recommend Music Bee - will probably mean I'll have to talk through adding codec for ripping, but once setup it seems easy to use :up:

Thanks people!


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