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I've been thinking about creating a database of my installed software.  I was wondering if there is a software that would scan a computer and create a list of installed application?  Maybe a FARR plugin?  It would be nice if it could create a delimited list (text file) because it would make it easy to import into a database.

I realize it would require a lot of editing since I would want to add serial numbers, notes, etc. but getting that list built via a scan would be a great start.

LookInMyPC is free and creates a report of installed programs.  Likewise Belarc Advisor.  The reports are in html.  I don't know if there's a switch for plane text in Belarc.  MyUninstaller provides a list of programs that have an uninstaller listed in the Registry.  It can output an html report or you can copy paste from the display.

Powershell scripts already exist for this. Any version of Windows more modern than Windows XP comes standard with Powershell. And you can download it freely from Microsoft for XP as well.

With the link above you should be able to download a script that retrieves this list for you, storing this list into a .csv file. Most modern databases can import the content from this kind of files either directly or with a little extra work.

Play a bit with the script, get it to retrieve all the information you are still missing.



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