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EXPIRED: Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition *FREE* for a limited time

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But the effect(s) won't be perfect if you want to just save it as a jpg, then have to go into another tool to crop/resize...cause it will lose more pixel data in a 2nd wave of compression.-hamradio (February 17, 2014, 10:14 PM)
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Normally you'd save it in a non-lossy format if you're switching between programs, eg. TIFF.
-4wd (February 17, 2014, 11:20 PM)
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Well, I downloaded it, installed it, and ran it and at startup it failed with an obscure and apparently random error number - different every time.
So I repeated after a second download. Same result.
About to give up on it unless anyone can suggest a workaround.

Ah wait, I just found this in the support page:
I am receiving an “Unknown Error – xxx” – the number is different each time.
This error appears immediately after launch and is a different number each time.   Please follow these instructions to resolve this issue 1. Go to: StartControl PanelAdministrative ToolsServices 2. In this window, look for these three services: Windows Event Log, Task Scheduler, and Nalpeiron Licensing Service 3. Make sure all three services Status is listed as “Running” and…

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EDIT: Fixed it:
...Instead of double clicking on the .exe installer file please RIGHT CLICK and choose RUN AS THE ADMINISTRATOR...

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Worked a treat. Nice GUI. Will find out if it is of any use to me now...

Stoic Joker:
Would be nice if it at least had some basic resizing/crop in it, but I guess they want to charge you for that with Perfect Photo Suite...

Thats the only downside I see to that program if you want to use it as a standalone effects program.

Note: At least I could not find a resize/crop in it.
-hamradio (February 17, 2014, 05:41 PM)
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Indeed, if its billed as a stand alone application - which it is - then it needs to have the basic staple functions for the file format, and it doesn't get any more basic than resize and crop with images. That's like creating a text editor that doesn't do cut and paste ... I may not even install this thing.

Well, it can be used "stand alone", but it's intended to be used with other programs, for example with Perfect Suite or with Lightroom, so the "basic image manipulations" (like size/crop) are not supposed to be in it, they are supposed to be done by the other program.

I know that for someone who doesn't intend to use it with Perfect Suite or Lightroom it's annoying, but it would also be annoying for me to have a resize in a program that's supposed to be a plugin/extension to Lightroom.

Also, don't forget that Perfect Effects is supposed to be the last step in the photo manipulation workflow, while resize/cut should be one of the first things you do.

Besides, it's free, what more can you ask from it ? :P

for some reason I thought this was for gamers, when it was first posted, so I didn't check the post. Well, today I was given my third chance, so I finally read the thread! Thank you, 4wd, Revo reports that I now have 178 programs installed. No, there is not a digit missing...  8)


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