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Folder Size (freeware) now at version 3


Maybe this post belongs to the "normal" >General Software Discussion< thread. I am however placing it here because the new version 3 of Folder Size from MindGems (still) is both freeware and a (much simpler but otherwise) fine competitor to the $27.50 / $55 Folder Sizes 6 from Key Metric:

Low On Disk Space? Freeware Folder Size 3 is Released With FULL UNICODE Support-MindGems
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Folder Size version is released – a major version packed with plenty of new features and improvements:

Unicode ( Multi-language ) Folder Size Analysis

Folder Size 2 did already scan files in multiple languages, but it could scan files in no more than 2 Languages at the same time. The second language had to be set as a language for non-unicode applications in the settings panel of Windows. This is no longer necessary and Folder Size 3 can scan files in any language at the same time.
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How do you rate FolderSize Free versus WinDirStat?

The result from WinDir Stat is of course a lot fancier to look at, but other than that, I don't rate..., because I've paid good money for a license key to Key Metric Folder Sizes Pro, so I use that one, whether it's the better one or not!



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