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RightNote Pro 50% Off Thru January 31

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I suspect that Bauerapps might be somewhere in the EU-tomos (January 23, 2014, 02:41 PM)
--- End quote ---
South Africa, I think.  At least, their Website Design company, Creative Core, has a .za zone.

Hi all,

Thanks to wocius for posting details about the special, and many thanks to all for your support.

@Bob99: Please contact support so I can give you info on how to extend the trial period for another 30 days.

Rael Bauer

Rael, am I correct that the discount applies only to new orders, not to upgrades from v. 2?  Thanks.


I stuck my nose in to see if anyone had pointed this great deal out already and find that (again!) I'm behind the curve!  :D

I'd add my own vote for RightNote, though: I'm permanently on the lookout for the perfect note keeper and RightNote is one of the two I keep running (the other being CintaNotes -- which is faster, needs less screenspace and is tag focussed but falls behind when you care about formatting and image stuff.)

I purchased RightNote Pro v.2.x back in Feb. 2012. When v.3.0 was released I didn't upgrade. Mainly because the only changes I could see shown on the website was some tweaks in the Evernote sync feature. I haven't had much luck using the Evernote sync so I couldn't see the need to pay for what they are calling a "major" upgrade just for the Evernote sync changes. So I am still using v.2 for now.

Is anyone here using RightNote v.3? If so, can you tell me if there are any other changes/features/improvements over v.2, other than the Evernote sync changes?



PS- @wocius: I don’t know if the discount applies to upgrades or not... although that would make me very happy too!  However I doubt it; discounts are usually put out there to attract new users; developers usually expect to receive regular revenue from existing customers paying for upgrades.


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