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... there are a number of other tweaks that RN could use IMO. Some I mentioned above but there are more that I didn't list.-J-Mac (January 24, 2014, 09:59 PM)
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Personally I would much rather see the current improvement needs and deficiencies addressed before adding major features, which will naturally take up all development time available and leave the other stuff at the bottom of any priority list or roadmap.
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I agree. And this is indeed what seems to be happening with RN for now, at least. I'm hoping Rael will get back to more basic fixes and improvements once the Evernote feature is in good shape. I am confident the past history of RN justifies that hope.

For somebody new to note-taking software, what would be the main advantages of Rightnote over Evernote?-Lutz_ (January 24, 2014, 10:14 PM)
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Although I don't use Evernote myself, I'd say they both can collect and save webclips for future reference. But beyond that, they are two different classes of program -- apples and oranges. RN is great for [1.] creating notes of various types (webpage clips, spreadsheets, formatted text, and others) and [2.] organizing notes (using tags, tabs, and a  hierarchical note tree per tab). AFAIK Evernote is weak if not actually incapable in those areas. I hope someone who knows more about Evernote can give you a better answer.

Here's an example of one way I often use RN when researching a topic: (1.) Clip or copy all or any part of a web page to the relevant note in RN. (2.) RN includes graphics, the URL of the source, and the date it was added. (3.) I tag the new note. (4.) I edit the note: character and paragraph formatting, highlighting, delete unwanted images, make annotations, hyperlink to other RN notes, etc. Some of those functions are available only in the paid versions of RN (Standard or Pro).

what are your thoughts on the webpage note feature? I was going to give it a try and installed the version 3 update. It changed my license to the freeware version instead of a trial and I haven't been able to get the webpage note feature to work.-bob99 (January 23, 2014, 10:52 AM)
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I've been using it a bit as a stash for clips from the web.  Not quite everything works the way I'd like, I think there are still issues around scrolling the tree to the current clip, but I consider the quality of the web clips to be good.  Here is a comparison of a direct screenshot from Firefox with the same thing clipped in RightNote:

Left - Firefox:                 Right - RightNote (see attachment in previous post)   (see attachment in previous post)
A quick check of Wikipedia gave even better results.  Be aware that the web clip feature is only available in the Pro version.  See RightNote Version Comparisons.
-rjbull (January 23, 2014, 05:11 PM)
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Thanks for posting the comparisons. I see the difference. Similar to copy/pastes I've done in other programs. It's not a big thing but my at times OCD tendencies would have me trying to fix it to look the same. I've done it before.
I think for the time being I'll stay with version 2 and keep saving my web pages in TreeProjects.

RightNote is a great program though.

@Wo: Yes, the discount is only for new licenses. Upgrade licenses are already discounted at 50% off the price of a full license.

@J-Mac: There is no need to purchase an upgrade if you don't see a reason to. I do not work on a "dont-release any updates for a year then have a new major version with lots of new features" basis. Instead I add features incrementally, and a new license entitles you to all updates. I think this benefits the developer and end-user equally...

I see the difference. Similar to copy/pastes I've done in other programs. It's not a big thing but my at times OCD tendencies would have me trying to fix it to look the same. I've done it before. -bob99 (January 25, 2014, 06:48 PM)
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If I want perfect verbatim copies of complete web pages, I would use Local Website Archive, which does that job well.  You might find the free-for-personal-use version adequate.  It looks like recent versions have more features than I realised, but, AFAICS, it's a whole-page-capture program, and doesn't intend to have all the features of a note-taker.
I think for the time being I'll stay with version 2 and keep saving my web pages in TreeProjects.-bob99 (January 25, 2014, 06:48 PM)
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Does that mean that you prefer TreeProjects' web page capture to RightNote's, or, that having a TreeProjects license or not needing one, there's no point in upgrading RightNote?

rjbull: I agree completely about Local Website Archive. I have had the pro copy for a number of years and it does make webpage copies as close to perfect as almost anything I have seen. However if I am capturing a webpage for a topic that I am researching I like to have it in the same program as the rest of my research notes.

BTW, the Firefox extension Scrapbook captures webpages as well as Local Website Archive IMO. If RightNote cannot capture a page - which occurs a bit more than I expected - I just capture it with Scrapbook, click the notification link to open the page in another tab, and then use RightNote to capture the Scrapbook page. This is especially handy when the webpage is a receipt or anything else that requires a secure login. Most programs have difficulty logging in and capturing such pages while Scrapbook scrapes them up perfectly.



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