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No More Candy

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I'm probably breaking the law in making this post, since candytm is now trademarked.

While the joys of Candy Crush Saga have only reached the PC in the form of a Facebook app, the implications of one of the worst decisions by the US trademark office affect developers on all platforms. They have, as of last week, decided it’s perfectly reasonable for owners King to trademark the word "candy". And they’re trying to get “saga” too.

So it is that Gamezebo reports developers are now receiving threats that they must remove their apps or games if they have had the temerity to use this oh-so rare word in their product name. It’s the "edge" fiasco all over again, except this time with actual legal muscle behind it.-
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What to do?

Candy Jam
Ooops sorry, 'Sweet Jam'
Fight trademark trolling - make a game.

Because trademarking common names is ridiculous and because it gives us an occasion to make another gamejam :d

Make a game involving candies.
Consider using the word "candy" several times, also "scroll", "memory", "saga" and "apple" might give bonus points.

3rd of February-
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Is the system broken? Nope. It's fixed. :P

Is the system broken? Nope. It's fixed. :P

Not for all values of "fixed."
-Renegade (January 22, 2014, 09:08 AM)
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They've also trademarked (or are trying to trademark) the word "Saga" so they're shutting down anyone who uses "saga" in their title:

If you’ve been following King’s trademark sideshow this week (and we know you have), there have been two interesting developments in the last 24 hours that you already know about. Last night, word broke that King was trying to use its IP law muscle to prevent Stoic Studio from using the word SAGA in The Banner Saga. And then this morning, King issued a statement responding to these allegations.

This is where things get a little weird, because their response was basically “we’re not trying to stop them from using the name, we’ve just filed a formal opposition with the US Trademark Office that says otherwise.” More to the point, they said that if they don’t exercise their claim in every instance than the mark on words like SAGA will lose its potency, and they’ll have a hard time when it comes to fighting the real targets of their IP theft.
It’s an argument that’s in complete contradiction with a statement they released earlier in the day. “We don’t enforce against all uses… some are legitimate of course, we would not ask App developers who use the term legitimately to stop doing so.”-
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Definition of Saga: A long story of heroic achievement, esp. a medieval prose narrative in Old Norse or Old Icelandic.

The Banner Saga is a game about Vikings. It uses the word correctly.

Candy Crush Saga, or Pet Rescue Saga, or any other game made by does not use the word correctly.

looks like a repeat of this issue.


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