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List all links and build a tree


One line borrowed from another thread:

Several tools will list all links and build a tree...
-BillR (January 19, 2014, 09:38 AM)
--- End quote ---

I'd like people's votes on their favorite "tool of the many that will do this".

I like link trees, and I haven't managed to really get a winner to do this. (I also haven't really pushed that hard at it.)

So I'll take recommendations. My focus varies, but it's a good starting place to have some "simple ones" just to get me going, and then later I can get fancy and think about features.

When I think about Trees, let's look at the DC thread this is in:

DC Forum
- Main Area
- - General Software
- - - My Topic

That's very very roughly what I hope one of those programs can do.

- Link1
- - SubLink1
- - - SubSubLink1
- - SubLink2
- - - SubSubLink2
- Link2
- - SubLink1
- - - SubSubLink1
- - SubLink2
- - - SubSubLink2

Or something. Just to drill out a list. (Not necessarily with dashes, those are just concept formatting.)

Let the voting begin!


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