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IDEA: vCard organizer with batch operations

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I will pay a significant amount of money for this.

First, the following software does most of what I need:

The goal here is that I'm trying to get control over my contacts without the help of google, etc.  It's not just about privacy, but more about being able to organize my contacts MY WAY.  Also, the other issue is moving contacts between phones, programs, etc.  I did A LOT of research and there are many options, but vcards seem to offer the simplest universal format, mainly because it can store pictures.

The other thing to keep in mind is I have a complicated, klunky syncing procedure because of all sorts of reasons.

Features I need:
BATCH assign categories to multiple contacts at once.
BATCH modify any field(s).
BATCH find/replace for specific fields.  Like be able to change all 213 area codes to (213).

And here's another one I'm having a hard time with:
My sync file is a single vcf file with multiple contacts stored in it.  But I have to split them out into individual files to be able to manage them in the program above (vcardorganizer).  Then, after I modify stuff, I have to re-merge everything to a single file, and use that on my phone to update the contacts.  I'm looking for a more seamless way to do that.  One way to do this is like so:
--the single file gets updated
--the program compares the fields in the new single file to the individual existing vcf files on the pc.
--if the new single file is different, it asks whether it should replace the existing information (or add entirely new contacts, just like a copy/replace dialog in good file managers)

actually, now that I think about it, it would just be better if the program can do all this things to a single vcf file that contains multiple contacts.  All the operations:
add new contact
remove contact
modify contact
batch operations

all these things would be easier if it could do it in a single vcf file.  that way, i can sync it with my phone which can parse a single file, and there are no manual steps.  a true syncing solution.

Can you provide a test vcf to use?  It'd be helpful to see one in action (change the names ofc)

I haven't tried this...  EssentialPIM says it supports vCard import/export, has "Integrated synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, iOS, Android and Google" and numerous other cloud services, and has free Android and iOS apps.  Could you manage your contacts that way?

If you weren't struck on images, CSV would be a good format for automated modifications and interchange.

I haven't read you're other thread about syncing your contacts, but a little bit of clarity around your workflow might be helpful

based on your post it would seem that the only use for the consolidated VCF is to sync to your file?  that being the case it would seem logical to continue to manage the individual cards separately and only merge for syncing (seeing as that's the sole purpose of the merged file).

Of course if there's some syncing from your phone (the word sync is a clue) then that's an extra consideration (does it export as a consolidated file, or as individual cards)

thanks guys for the comments.  i'm going to make a flowchart of my workflow and post it, that will be easier for me.  the goal is to get a seamless contact management system with the phone and computer, no cloud storage (unless it's your own), and no setting up entire linux OS's like owncloud, etc. or funambol just for contacts syncing.  I'm 80% there i think with the existing tools.


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