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Screenshot on alarm

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I would like a script able to capture the screen when a warning window open or an error window

Is it possible ?

Best Regards

I think is not possible. Because a question of time to react.
I think remember that Mouser told me is not possible to capture that alarm or warning window.
I have searched the web but only find programs to interval screenshots captures.


You might be able to use Sikuli if you can get it to recognize the warning and/or error icons in dialog boxes.

Well, if you know the title,class or ID of the warning window it might be possible. I can look into making an app that will sit in the system tray and look for specific IDs,Classes and Window titles and then when it see's that window take a screen shot of it. Did you want the whole full screen window or just the window with the error/warning?

Most dialogs will have class #32770.  That's probably the impetus for Sikuli.  The inability to get info the conventional way. In fact it works by you supplying a capture of the image to recognize.


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