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Windows 9 Forums Open for Business :)


Windows 9 Forums Open for Business :)  I'm hoping 9 undoes some of the mistakes made in W8, such as killing glass.

The forums are accepting registrations now.  :)

I wonder if it's put there to get feedback - or in hopes the 'dissidents' will out themselves.  ;D ;)

Heh heh.  If they're out to get you, it ain't paranoia!  :)

But at least I've been with this group of individuals since I got a machine with Vista pre SP1.  I went on Vista Forums as a "customer" and now they can't get rid of me.  :)

The same group, including Brink who does most of the tutorials, does Vista Forums, Seven Forums Eight Forums, and now 9(I kid them that eventually we will make our way back to Windows95.)

If you are on one of the forums it's a good idea to sign up for the new forum even if you don't have the OS yet.  That way chances of using the same handle and being invited to VIP private forum instantly are very high.


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