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FarSubScript : Pixsy


I played a little with Pixsy.Net and the Chrome browser addon and i thought it would be interesting to add the functionality to FARR.

Pixsy has a strange way of working, when you search for something it doesn't directly redirect the browser, it returns a string containing instructions on what should be done (I suspect it's in JSON format, but i'm not certain).
Usage :
pix <command><space>
pix <command><enter>

For example : pix .g wolf will search for "wolf" using "" while pix .y wolf will search for "wolf" using "", look at Pixsy's Syntax for more info.

There are still some bugs in it, the most notable ones are :
- after pressing Enter at the end of the search string FARR looses focus and the editbox from Pixsy page gets the focus

Note : this script requires FarSubScript, make sure you have it installed and working in FARR.

Install :
extract the content of the archive into a subfolder under the Scripts folder of FARR (for example : plugins\Pixsy) and either write "goreload" in FARR (this will reload all plugins) or restart FARR.

If anybody wants to improve the script feel free to do so.

Note : I didn't include the source in this post (you'll have to download the attached ZIP file) because it's quite long.

Looks cool, Verszipo, I'll give it a try and report  :Thmbsup:


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