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No Preview


Good Morning,

I was wondering if there was I was the only one that has the preview section of the Save As window of ScreenShot Captor, grayed out, even with the preview box checked?
Attached is a screenshot of what I see. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


hi grimmlock -
it's not greyed out here - but I'm not getting any preview either.
(Wondering is that an OS thing or a SC thing? Win7 x64 here)

Hey Tomos,

I am running the Win 7 x64 as well. I also just tested this on a Win 8 PC and got the same as you, the preview was not grayed out but there was not a preview.


I suppose it might be considered a bug that you don't see a preview of the file you are about to save -- but then why would you need to?

The real value of the preview window is when you are saving into a directory of other files, selecting the other files gives you previews of them.

Not all that useful either way I suppose.


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