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Special Edition Newsletter for Jan 14, 2014 - NANY 2014 Roundup


Special Edition Newsletter for Jan 14, 2014"NANY 2014 Roundup"

Greetings all.

Since 2007 we have held an annual event that we call NANY (New Apps for the New Year), where we ask the coders who hang out on DonationCoder to create some new piece of free software and share it with the world.

This month we have a special edition of the DonationCoder newsletter.  Instead of our normal roundup of the best posts on the forums in the last month, this newsletter highlights the new software released during our new year NANY programming event.

The NANY event is not a competition -- anyone can participate and everyone who does gets a coffee mug commemorating the event.  Some of these are polished tools with mainstream appeal -- while others are rough around the edges or were written simply as an exercise by the coder.  They are mostly tools for Microsoft Windows.  All are free.

Visit here for descriptions, screenshots, videos, and downloads of all entries:



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