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Make your treadmill an entertainment center for almost nothing

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Just wanted to report on a recent cheap solution to making my treadmill more entertaining.

I bought the cheapest android tablet I could find that had hdmi output, a used Hisense Sero 7 Lt), on ebay, for $40 including shipping, and a super cheap small flat screen tv.

The tablet sits on the treadmill book stand and the tv mounts to the wall behind the treadmill (under $100 used).

I can watch youtube, read the news, read comics, even browse the web.

Note1: This tablet gets bad reviews but has been working flawlessly for me and the price cannot be beat; if you have more advanced needs you might want to get a better tablet.

Note2: You will also need a mini or micro hdmi cable, and you may want to pick up a (usb) extension cord for the tablet power supply.

Note3: If your treadmill is loud, you may need to pay special attention to getting a tv with good volume (or use a soundbar).

Thats a great idea. Especially if you're a habitué of one of those long running TV or cable series. Great way to exercise, watch your favorite show episodes guilt-free, and time your treadmill routine. (I use a Nook I was given plus a Netflix streaming subscription myself.)

Looks like a win-win to me! :Thmbsup:

Or go to a gym that has TVs in front of its treadmills anyway?  And the possibility of interacting with real people in between bouts?

who are these "real people" you speak of?

who are these "real people" you speak of?
-mouser (January 13, 2014, 04:13 PM)
--- End quote ---
"Actual people," then - the ones you meet in meatspace instead of virtuality or TVspace  :)


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