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Determine if a window on top is active or not

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Sorry. The little windows appear at the center of the screen and i can't see.
I usually use this max-max size as appear in the screenshot....
and the little window don't indicate the window on top.
Specially if is minimized.

How can i indicate that control+win+1 is with the 1 in the numerical keypad ?

Just looking in the AHK Help manual, if you wanted to know which window was "active" (on top) at any given point, I think (but I have not tried this) that the AHK command WinGet with the cmd parameter should be able to do it:
ID: Retrieves the unique ID number (HWND/handle) of a window. If there is no matching window, OutputVar is made blank. The functions WinExist() and WinActive() can also be used to retrieve the ID of a window; for example, WinExist("A") is a fast way to get the ID of the active window. To discover the HWND of a control (for use with Post/SendMessage or DllCall), use ControlGet Hwnd or MouseGetPos.

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Not sure if that is what you want though.

Otherwise, using AHK, you can get a specified window and make it active - bring it to the top - or make it always topmost with a toggle switch.

I also recall reading about a free download from somewhere, for a proggy that enabled you to make little screens from different concurrently running programs/videos - and you could resize and drag each little screen to somewhere you wanted and they could all stay on top. Each little screen could display either a minimized full window or a section of a window. Could be useful where you wanted to monitor several things at once.

I'm sorry I didn't make a note of it and can't recall the name of the thing at the moment, but will search it up and see if I can find it.

How can i indicate that control+win+1 is with the 1 in the numerical keypad ?-Contro (January 12, 2014, 05:01 PM)
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C' up the AHK help file and search for "keylist."


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