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Wished CHS Speed could be improved, in case of large numbers of clips.

Can you elaborate a little regarding when/where it slows down? Any clues might help.  One thing we know can cause the CHS slowdown is a bad behaving antivirus which insists on rescanning database file everytime a change is made.  Try excluding the CHS database directory (will be under Documents\DonationCoder\ClipboardHelpAndSpell\Database or something similar).

Reason: duplicate posting


-change from [new]  to  [old]
(under the \Clipboard tree)

- do a search, I type 2 letters and cannot type any further.
I then start doing something else for -say- 20-30 seconds, then I can continue, enter 1 letter and need to wait again.

- copy something to clipboard: the button in the taskbar shows it is busy copying, busy, busy
sometimes it take 10-20 seconds before it is completed

Think the database isn't too big..

28.000 clips

Up front.

I do not know whether the below it is a solution and/or whether it is feasable at all.

Just an idea...

But what about (optionally!)  splitting the clipboard, say in monthly or quarterly clips,
or volume based split?


Or split into:
-Recent  [2] Months   (e.g. keep clips upto 2 months)
-Old       [12] Months  (e.g. keep clips upto 12 months)
-Archive  (clips older than 12 months)

When searching:
-by default search recent
-if nothing is found, user can TAG search in 'old/archive' clips as well, which may take longer.

Well, I don't know, these are just 'wild ideas'  ..   :)

keep up the good work!


p.s. with 'copy to clipboard', in my earlier post, I mean this button

vainly tried to upload the video here, so you cud play it without.. downloading.
regretfully this is not possible, without using youtube.
therefore you need to download it first now.


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