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There's nothing obvious here - no filters, settings for New & Old seem to be default.
If there's anything else I can test - let me know - I could increase the New folder size again - and e.g. disable AV.

Yes, it is a problem, i.e. you can only delete after posting - otherwise it's start again in a fresh page :-(
I was thinking of starting a thread asking for a couple of minor improvments in forum software - I know there was talk about changing the whole thing, so not sure if there's incentive to improve current forum soft.-tomos (January 12, 2014, 11:50 AM)
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Maybe another small improvement _could_ be the notification system:
If you reply on a thread that I am following, I will be notified.
Any other additional comments from others: I donot get notified.
Example: I got a notification of this posting.
But no notification of the reply from mouser, nor from your (last) reply.

later, oh .. and add other video formats to be allowed to be upload.

Back to CHS - I did not understand your previous post. Thanks for clarifying: "not sorted" - more :-(

I have 30,000 items in Old'.
I have about 150 items in 'New'.
As it is now working well here, it seems clear that the problem (again here) was with too many items in the 'New' section.

You have almost 600 items in 'New'.

* First question is: *why* do you want to keep them in new/ not move them to old? (Related question for mouser below.)
* Second question is why not try it with less than 200 in 'New' and see if it works?
Query for mouser: is there an advantage to keeping an item longer in the 'New' folder?
-tomos (January 12, 2014, 11:50 AM)
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Frankly, I don't know if this is the cause of the problem. Thing is, if I take captures quickly, then CHS is unable to follow and starts skipping. Maybe it is something between Windows clipboard and CHS and something to do with buffers, I don't know  ;)
Some years ago, I had a tool (written in Visual Basic) and in case of large volumes of renaming files, it sometimes used a lot of CPU sources and crashed in the end.
After some communication with the developer he increased some 'buffers' somewhere and it worked fine ever since.
I don't say it is the same, I don't have any knowledge of programming whatsoever,but as CHS is taking (too) much CPU resources and skipping things, I was thinking of the buffer-thing from the past.

Anyway.. it is upto Mouser  


Try this:
1. Select 'All', then select 'Old
any delays?

2. Go back to 'All' then select 'New'
any delays?

3. Go back to 'All' and copy text
how fast ?
4. Go to 'New' and copy text
how fast?



when I select subfolder 'New' then it is much faster.

^ I tried that:

* 1. delay is between .5 to 1 second
* 2. much longer delay - a couple of seconds
* 3. unclear -- do you mean leave CHS main window open? I did leave it open and copied nine small clips quickly from Notepad2 - only five were actually copied.
* 4. as 3 -- but nine out of nine clips were copied

This proves what I am trying to say.
When selecting 'All' (top level) copying is slow and CHS skips things.
Then go to 'New' (select New in the tree), copying is fast, nothing is skipped.

Maybe a workaround could be: CHS to startup selecting 'New' by default, i.e. startup folder='New'
Currently 'All' is selected.

Of course, that is not an answer as to why CHS skips copying, because too slow, in case 'All' or 'Old' is selected.



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