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I'd like to know if about 9-10 seconds delay is normal, I mean to say, when at CTRL-C
it takes about 9-10 seconds before this -> [attach=#1][/attach] arrow button changes back to the normal taskbar-icon.

When quickly copying stuff one after the other, whilst CHS is still trying to save them, clipboard copies are lost.

For example(!) as a test:
have created a Word-document with numbered lines
selected each line
copied them to clipbard one after the other, not waiting until CHS has finished.

1st example
2nd example

That is absolutely NOT normal.
Can you test if the delay happens in all programs or just MS Office?

That is absolutely NOT normal.
Can you test if the delay happens in all programs or just MS Office?
-mouser (January 11, 2014, 01:05 AM)
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It is with -anything- I send to clipboard. Temporarily disabled Norton Internet Security (2014), no difference.
Have made a small videoclip. Look at the CPU usage, normally it is 0.02. Have sent it to you by mail.
Uploading .wmv files is not allowed.

You will see it increase to -say- 18-20 or so and then after a about 9-10 sec fall back to normal CPU.
You may see how long this takes.

p.s.: meanwhile, how to  DEtach a file from a forum post?

I have the problem of clips occassionally not being copied (I think you may have reported that a while back dcwul62) -- sometimes I actually *cut* text and it isn't on the clipboard.... Which makes me wonder if the problem is with the clipboard rather than CHS -  but have yet to disable CHS to check (Win7 x64).

p.s.: meanwhile, how to  DEtach a file from a forum post?
-dcwul62 (January 11, 2014, 02:56 AM)
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when you modify your post, there's a list of attached files under the edit box - untick :-)


I think it is CHS, sorry to say.

When I am using ClipMate the clips  -immediately-  show up in ClipMate.
CHS: CPU usage jumps to about 20-23% (idle 0.02-0.04)
Stays with these 20 for a while and then goes back again.

Am also using Windows 7 x64

Note: the delay is the same without ClipMate and Norton IS protected stopped.

Assume it is not the database getting too big?



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