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URLSnooper Not Snooping on Wi-Fi


URLSnooper works fine on Wired Connection.
Here's the Problem.
It Doesn't Work On Wi-Fi.
Any Solution?

HP ProBook 4540s
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

I know there are some issues with certain intel wifi cards especially, thought I occasionally here that other WinPCap tools work with them recently, which suggests that URL Snooper should be easily fixable in those limited cases.  So the first thing I always ask people is to try another winpcap-based tool and see if it works.

Hi, below is my test result:

System: Win 8.1 + WinPcap 4.1.3
WiFi: Qualcomm Atheros AR5BWB222 Wireless Network Adapter
URL Snooper 2.33.01 doesn't work
WinDump 3.9.5 tested OK
basic_dump.exe tested OK
URL Helper 3.42 works without problem!
HiDownload 8.24 built-in sniffer works!
StreamTransport, not winpcap-based, but works.

I've had great experience with URL Snooper while sticking with old XP/Win7 laptops. I hope the next release of URL Snooper will fix the WiFi detection issue.

chcheng has been helping me test, and I think we have some progress to report.. stay tuned..

New version posted which fixes the problem (2.34.01).  :up:


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