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Problems showing hints


I raised this issue sometime back but I can't find the thread, however I have more details on the issue.

If I have a dock that is not minimised to the tray, I can get LBC to show hints on items at the top level but not in lower menus.  If I minimise the dock to the tray, then no hints show at all.  I have attached a few screenshots to show what I mean (or at least what I am trying to convey).  I also included a test dock (zipped as I couldn't upload it as it was an invalid extension) that I used for testing the problem.

Any news here?  I have no hints except on the top level items. I see the lower level hints if I use the tray menu.

The problem somehow resolved itself for me, presumably with an update since January or maybe it was environmental issue on my PC.

When I switched from the tray to a toolbar then I don't get the hints.

Currently I am running version 4.8.5.


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