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I need recommendation on WYSIWYG web page editor



I need to trim quite a number of web pages which I have saved as mht file (by Opera).

1. Most of the time, I want to be able to easily select a single table from a web page, copy it and paste it as a totally new page. I found web page could be quite complicated in term of nesting tables. In this case, my objective is to keep one table (could be deeply nested) which I am interested and remove the rest of the web page contents.

2. I might also need to resize tables on a web page stored as mht.

I need to do the above VISUALly and my intention is to shape them nicely before saving them as my personnel notes and yes, i absolutely don't want to work with codes at all.

So, could anyone recommend a good free WYSIWYG editor? (Or do I really need a WYSIWYG HTML editor? I was thinking if there is sort of browser function that will let me easily mark a deeply nested table content on a web page, then I probably don't need to save the page into mht then work with it...)

Hasn't been updated in a good few years -
I've only used it on XP, and in a very limited way (with mht files), so I dont know will it do the job.

Tables are essential in shaping and defining the layout of HTML documents. BlockNote.Net’s table capabilities are powerful, yet simple to use—add rows to a table with a single keystroke! Cut-and-paste sections or entire tables inside the same or other tables. Utilize additional table functions such as merging, splitting cells, inserting and removing columns and rows, easily through intuitive shortcut menus.
--- End quote ---

Be sure to check out Gizmo's site...

Thanks guys! I will check them out.


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