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IDEA: Lan Alarmclock or Timer

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I've recently been counting down two hours after dinner to take a new old asthma medicine I've been prescribed, so I've been starting a simple alarm program on one of my computers.  I went looking for something to show a countdown on everything on my lan, or some client/server type program that would serve the purpose but came up empty.  I'd prefer not to have something that syncs time on the lan, but something simpler that just uses the time set on the first computer.  Can anyone offer any assistance or suggestions?  I've used AHK but other than that I don't have any programming skills.  Thanks.

not really my thing, but what about a simple web page?

set the page on one pc, and you can reference it from all the others?

a quick google search finds plenty of possible candidates though I can't vouch for their suitability

What about a cheap, physical timer?:

Isn't the moment you need to take the medicine the most important? When the moment arrives ton take the medicine, you could choose to send out a signal from the computer that keeps track of the time and setup a task on any of your computers in the LAN to responds to this signal in whichever way you see fit.

That would seem easier to do, it would at least not require to create software if you don't want to. The task manager manager in Windows 7 is quite able.


Naturally, the easiest way would be to have the main computer remote shutdown all the others.

The sound of multiple Windows shutdown tunes would then alert you to take your medicine.

An added benefit is that it requires no software on the other computers.


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