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Clipjump - Clipboard Manager

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@IainB Good to see you still around..
I have updated Clipjump to because of small bug fixes that were because of the previous version.

Changes --
<li>Fixed a bug in ClipjumpCustom that arised in the previous version.
<li>Fixed bug of not deleting when File/Folder clips were continuous by "Delete File/Folder" plugin

@aviaryan: Thanks. Just downloaded it now.
(I also subscribe to SourceForge update newsletters, but had not seen an update for this yet.)

v10.9 released

<li>Added Hold Clip feature to copy clip to buffer without copying it to Clipjump
<li>Added 'RegExReplace' in Common Formats v0.3
<li>Fixed - Image not moving in Copy/Move Clips
<li>Fixed - Fixate not mainatained when clips were copied/moved.
<li>Re-Arranged the Help File, hopefully more easy to follow now.
<li>Moved Ignore Windows Manager to external plugin


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