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Collage software recomendation

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No it's not a vision board (I had to look up what it was!). I thought I'd try create a collage with various photographs.  I'd prefer the 'artistic' layout rather than what I would consider the formal straight arrangement.

Google Picasa looks promising and with a price tag I appreciate - free :)

free photo editor PhotoScape -Curt (January 06, 2014, 04:16 PM)
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That site doesn't seem to host downloads directly, only through Brothersoft, Cnet and Softonic.  Only Softonic had the portable version - and won't let you download it direct; they want you to download their "universal launcher" instead.  I didn't bother.  No telling what's inside that.


Thanks, Curt  :-[

My favorite is Microsoft's ImageCollage. (this isn't a normal Microsoft product, it's put out -- and not really maintained -- by Microsoft Labs).

The two unusual things about this program are

* The resulting collages don't have hard edges between their pictures. They blend into one another, and it's really cool the way this can work out in many cases.
* You point it at a folder of images, telling it how many it should incorporate and the desired relative sizes between the primary, secondary, and other photos (which can be equal), and it automatically chooses them and lays them out. It recognizes faces, and tries to place the faces properly so that they don't get chopped.
I use this every year at Christmas. My wife and I produce a calendar for family and friends, where each month's picture is a collage of photos we took the corresponding month of the prior year.

I've never seen another tool do this, and it's cool enough that I really recommend that you look at it.


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