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The Dreams thread...

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My dreams have all been CLASSIFIED.

Sorry. ;)
-40hz (June 04, 2014, 08:51 PM)
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Heh heh.  I'd be tempted to share some.  But I'm afraid others would be tempted to analyze them.  It's tough enough being crazy without someone making it official.  :)

Been playing too much Wolfenstein lately? ;)
-phitsc (June 05, 2014, 01:32 AM)
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Naw... the walls weren't pixelated enough  ;D

Heh heh.  I'd be tempted to share some.  But I'm afraid others would be tempted to analyze them.  It's tough enough being crazy without someone making it official.
-MilesAhead (June 05, 2014, 05:30 AM)
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Aw dude, I've posted 3 already, if someone wanted to analyze, I'm sure I'd have had it in spades by now.  I do understand though, sometimes dreams are a very personal experience and I wouldn't encourage anyone to air out their bloomers simply on my suggestion.  So many of my dreams are not just bizarre, but also entertaining, and I thought I'd share the mirth.  :-[

I'm enjoying the dreams :up:
Plan to contribute when I remember a decent amount of a dream - and it's suitable :p
(I usually just remember snippets.)

About half the time, the dreams I have are very chaotic replays of various moments in my life. One time there was even a commercial in the middle of one of them. No joke. A voice said: we interrupt this program for a special announcement and a commercial for shaving cream (go figure) began.

The other half of the time I get a recurring lucid dream of a city, which I've been exploring for several years now. I don't know its exact location. But I'm guessing it's on the northeastern seaboard. Most likely somewhere in Massachusetts based on various regional details.. And it's in the late 40s or early 50s near as I can tell based on the technology and fashions. Or at least a place very similar.  I'll probably use it as the basis for a story some day. There's some low-key but very serious crisis in progress because the city has experienced something that is only obliquely referred to as a "near incident" which nobody ever willingly talks about - and which it is not wise (the government being authoritarian bordering on fascist) to seem too curious about. My subconscious hasn't decided exactly what this near incident was. But whatever it was, it's caused a gradual but radical change in the psychology of the entire population. And from what I can gather (in the dream) the 'incident' isn't completely over yet. The sky has perpetual resemblance to the peppered gray static you'll see when tuned to a dead TV channel on an old analog receiver because of it. And the weather is usually a November-y "cold and damp," although it rarely rains, and it seldom (very lightly) snows.

Guess I'm wedding some of H.P. Lovecraft, the movie Dark City, the USA post-9/11, and apocalypse scenarios from the Science Channel into a long running series in my brain theater.

It's not my fault! I want a good Lovecraft movie or TV series to get made. Based on one of his big stories like At the Mountains of Madness or Shadow Over Innsmouth. And I'm not gonna wait forever Hollywood! If you won't make the bloody picture - I will! Even if it's only in my own head. ;D

"I'll see you in my dreams..." ;)


I think it's amazing that another part of our deep cultural indoctrination is that even when talking about dreams we're still "Rated G through R". I find surreal NSFW daydreaming relaxing to help me go to sleep. No details here, but just mentioning that it is possible to angle your dreams based on your initial mood in the twilight period before full sleep.


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