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Dreams... not the "I hope to someday tame a hadrosaur and play Polo with giant robot pandas" kind, but the "I had a strange dream the other night where I tamed a hadrosaur and played Polo with these really cool giant robot pandas" kind.  I have vivid and bizarre dreams at least once every month or two.  Some I remember, some not so much, but I thought I'd share some of them and I'd like to hear about yours, especially if they are detailed and interesting.
Caveats, please...Please no "I don't dream... ever" posts because that's such a killjoy.  
... and I die a little thinking of the dreamless void that you must suffer through each night. :(
Please no 'wet dreams'.  Seriously, TMI.
Please post your OWN dreams.  The telling is never as vivid in third person.

Post away!!

In this dream, I visited my friend who was living in the crumbling round brick chimney of a condemned smelter plant or something.  The chimney was all that was left of the building.  He was telling me how years earlier he had produced a radio play in which Frankenstein's monster meets Leonard Cohen.  Nobody liked it, so the radio station fired him, which is why he was living in a chimney.  

I asked to hear it and he was all nervous about it and said the cops would arrest him if they caught him playing it for somebody; apparently it was either 'subversive' or 'offended the sensibilities of the community' or something.  I said I would love to hear it and would face the consequences myself.  He put the tape on and turned up the stereo and showed me some figures he had made to illustrate the play.  They were both crudely cut out of tin, and were attached to the chimney by thick wire wrapped around the outside wall.  One was of Leonard Cohen and looked like a child-size paper cutout of a man, but tin instead of paper.  The monster was full-size, but was colored black with two red spray-paint splotches for eyes.  

As the tape played, I began to realize that his play was simply too ahead of the times when he wrote it, and I thought to myself that people might like it better now that a few years had passed.  As I was thinking that, a group of about 5 women in their late twenties to early thirties were walking by on their way to a women's rights meeting, and stopped to listen.  They were all wearing athletic t-shirts, 70s-style jogging shorts and sweat bands, but they weren't jogging.  They admired my friend's tin cutouts and nodded their heads in agreement with what they heard as the performance played.  Eventually they wandered off and my alarm woke me up soon after.

Your turn...  :Thmbsup:

Found a text file with another dream written down.

I was in a city, in a rather dirty and run down part, possibly in the late 1800's.  I was riding on my dream's version of a subway, it was like old-fashioned passenger cars with velvet seats and cast iron fixtures, rolling along tracks suspended in the air that went around the perimeter of the city.  When you wanted to get off, you were put on a side car that detached and went down another railway that curved away from the main one.

I was with a little kid who was very annoying and his mother, who was very strait-laced and a bit snooty, but quiet.  We finally got off the train together and were looking for something in the basement of a very old brick building.  The little kid was carrying a doll that was made of dirty, moulding burlap that was almost black, and had a square head with no eyes or mouth. As we wandered around the basement, trying to find whatever it was we were looking for, we suddenly heard the kid call from another room saying something about a "crackling noise".
We went into a separate room where he was and we found him pointing at a brickwork structure about 2 feet square and 3 feet tall and hollow in the middle like a short chimney.  It had some straw on the top that was burnt-looking and slightly smoking, as if someone had recently tried to set it alight, but then extinguished it.

I told him the noise he heard was from the straw burning.  "No, watch" he said, as he laid his nasty burlap doll on top of the straw.  Suddenly the doll started to swell and jerk and began smoking along with the straw.  I thought apparently the leftover heat from the burning straw was causing the strange movements, when suddenly it split open at the belly, and started to melt like burning plastic or melted cheese, all bubbly and steaming.  The kid reached out to hold up it's bubbling head, when it started speaking in his father's voice rather jovially, telling him "where the money was hid".

His mother was observing all this very coolly until the voice started up.  "Make it stop!", she suddenly snapped, "Shut it up now!".  Her expression held no fear, but a very cool and cunning expression, as if she had heard enough to know the kid's father had hidden some money, and how to go about getting her hands on it.

In my dream, I knew she was plotting to rip off the kid, and I vowed to watch her every step.

My dreams have all been CLASSIFIED.

Sorry. ;)

Which reminds me, I did have a dream the other night that I was sleeping in some sort of maximum-security building (not a prison) in Nazi Germany.  The building was like a huge concrete box, painted off-white inside with rust stains here and there showing where steel girders were embedded in the concrete, with a very high 50 ft. or so ceiling and a large window very high up and on one side.  Inside were two separate rooms (one of them mine, I never saw the other room door open) that were painted that sickly hospital green color.  The main door and the room doors were all like heavy-duty walk-in safe doors that boomed when shut and clanked reverberantly when you threw the latch.  

In the dream, the Nazis kept trying to get in the front door (unsuccessfully), so I would wake up to the sounds of them going at it with bombs, drills, battering rams, etc.  I would get up and open the door to my room (CLANK! Whoosh!), peer out and see that they still hadn't gotten in, and go back to bed (BOOM! CLANK! squeak...).  This happened many times throughout the dream, and I finally wondered why they didn't try getting in the window at about the time my alarm went off.

Been playing too much Wolfenstein lately? ;)


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