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DeskRule: A new kind of desktop search engine is born (ß testers wanted)

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Stoic Joker:
Okay, did a Quick-N-Dirty search test with this on a folder with ~20,000 pictures in it. Gave it a file extension and file name to look for, and it came up with results in under 10 seconds. Second search in same folder completed in under 5 seconds. So...I'd say this thing is fast. :D

@IainB - Thanks for posting this thing man, it is cool as hell. And definitely one of my new favorites.

Might be nice if it had clear options for search filters and results ... But it's a beta so it's all good.

Is the "Some assertions failed. would you like to see the log file?" message on exit normal? Or should I post the output somewhere?

Hi Stoic and thanks for testing

internally the program is doing tons of self-checks, and some of them obviously failed, that's why you get the message at the end about the assertion errors. Many of them are not a big deal, but if you want me to check, just open the file, and email it to me.

all these checks make running much slower than it should be, so if you find the speed good as it is, you will be pleasantly impressed in the future!

to clear a previous filter, press CTRL+A to select all the rules, then DEL. You will find more useful tips in the help file (press F1 while the program is running)

last but not least, as I am not monitoring this thread regularly, please send me an email if you need assistance with something or other feedback. You will find the email link in ABOUT dialog!

thanks again

here's an updated version that offers a much simpler search mode for everyday use (when you don't need all the advanced boolean algebra and parameters). For information and downloading click here

(to anyone interested)
this deskrule search engine is now a finished product. If anyone here likes it please use the social buttons at the bottom of the website to spread the word, thanks!


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