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Clipboard Help+Spell and Windows 8.1

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I went to the search field of food & drink and tried to pull up my clipboard, nothing happened.
--- End quote ---

So are you saying that the problem is that you can't bring up the CHS window from these applications?
So do we think that the problem is that none of the hotkeys are working at all from within these applications (e.g. you can't bring up the main window with Ctrl+Alt+W, etc.)?

Yes, exactly.

I recently migrated from Win7-64 HP to Win8-64 (standard), and then updated that to Win8.1-64 (standard) and then upgraded that to Win8.1-64 PRO.
The Win8 OS seems to grab at least one (if not more) new hotkey combo for itself - "Win+S", which brings up the Search panel on the RHS of the display screen. Previously, "Win+S" was an MS Office hotkey which activated the Send To OneNote cliipping function for clipping a section of the display as an image directly to OneNote's default Unfiled Notes section. However, now, to use that function you have to press "Win+N", then "S" - which is a PITN and has some unanticipated adverse effects.

I have not found anything that upsets my CHS hotkey combinations though.
I mostly use:

* Ctrl+Alt+A - Show CHS window.
* Ctrl+Alt+Q - Quick Paste Menu.
* Ctrl+Alt+Z - Quick Note Add.
* Ctrl+C - Copy.
* Ctrl+V - Paste just the text contents from Clipboard. (Modified by an AHK script.)
* Ctrl+Shift+V - Paste rich text contents from Clipboard. (Modified by an AHK script.)


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