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Update Check


I know this is at least an issue in FARR and SSC, but the update check has no way to disable it.  I update... but not necessarily when the check fires, especially on my work machine.  Then, day after day, the dialog continues to come up.  Very annoying.  But even worse than annoying, I was out of the office for a few weeks.  When I came back, FARR had 1 update reminder for every day I'd been out.

Can we have an option to not check for updates daily?  Or to disable update checks for a specific version until the next version?

All of my apps that include update checking function have a checkbox for whether they should check for updates -- it's always on the first options tab.

I would not dream of adding an online update check that could not be disabled -- that would be completely unacceptable.

Here's FARR's:

All of my app's that have update checking also have a manual update check in the Help menu, so you can always turn off auto update checking and just check manually when you want.

Thanks!  I thought that was unusual... I looked for it and didn't find it.  :-[

Ah... I figured it out.  I guess I was using an older version before you added that ability but the update check was there.  I updated to the latest and the option is there.

The older versions of FARR were weird -- the update check options were in a very strange place, on the plugins configuration page (and you could set how often to check every X hours)  :-[

Now i'm standardizing all my apps to have an option on first tab saying whether to do update checking on startup.


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