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NANY 2014 Roundup Prep

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Wow Jody... you should do voice overs! You got a great voice for it! :-)-c.gingerich (January 03, 2014, 03:44 PM)
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 ;D  Thanks.  After all the hammering that I get from mouser to do a screencast, I'm glad somebody has watched it.

I did a video of mine already.


Both are done and linked in their entries.

I've submitted NANY 2014 participants in the thread in the Admin section.

Thanks K!

I've added badges for everyone we have on record as having released a NANY2014 app.

You can see the list here:;show=nany2014

If you released a NANY2014 app and we left you off the list, speak up and let us know!

I will be emailing NANY2014 participants shortly so that I can send you out your mug gift certificates.  If you don't get an email by sunday, let me know!

([email protected])


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