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Code Sector software 50% off through January 7, 2014

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Code Sector has a 50% discount on all  of their Windows software (TeraCopy, Direct Folders, etc.) through January 7, 2014.

thanks for the heads-up. been eyeing Direct Folders for some time.. :up:

been eyeing Direct Folders for some time.
-lanux128 (January 02, 2014, 09:03 AM)
--- End quote ---

Same here. I love DF and have been using the free version for years. However, I also note that DF has not been updated since December 2012, despite some reports of problems with Win7 & 8, 64-bit systems.

P.S. I did actually buy a PRO licence. I just hope that the developer will be encouraged by the continuing interest in DF and carries on developing it.

Code Sector has some really great software, but is somewhat inconsistent in terms of support and development.

They also make a superb GPS app for Android called Maverick, which I could never use because of a flickering display problem on many devices (including mine).  They seem to have fixed it finally, so I purchased the Pro version, which is listed on the site 50% off page for $4.95, but is available on the Play Store for 50% off at $3.45.  As I said, inconsistent.

I bought a deeply discounted license of TeraCopy years ago (I think it was only $6 or $7...a real steal) and xtabber calling their development 'inconsistent' is a very kind way of putting it.

He'll go so long without any kind of communication at all giving you the impression the software is all but dead and buried and....poof! There'll be a new update for download. One might think this software development thing was a second job for him...but I'm thinking it's probably more accurately a third or fourth. :)


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